A ballerina, actor and director born in Tata, Hungary. Henriett Tunyogi lives in-between London and Budapest and became a naturalised British citizen in 2017. 
In 2014, Tunyogi was awarded one of the Hungarian state's highest decorations, The Hungarian Order of Merit - Officer's Cross, for services to Art and Culture.



In 2017 Tunyogi director-produced, wrote and starred in the 22-time award-winning short film Night Song which explores the trauma of rape through generations.

In 2016 her short-film 'Love' was selected as one of the best movies that year by Straight 8 in London and premiered at the Vue Piccadilly (dancer, director and producer).

In 2014, Tunyogi starred as the lead actor in 'Bear Me Witness', a short film that premiered in the Anchorage Film Festival Alaska that year.

In 2013, Tunyogi director-produced and also starred in 'The Liver', a short film which was selected for Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner and won a Special Festival Mention at the 2nd Delhi Shorts International Film Festival and the London Short Film Festival.

In 'To Music', another short film, Tunyogi played the wife of an artist. The film won a '2 Thumbs Up' award at the Roger Ebert Film Festival, Ebertfest in 2013. It was also shown at the Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner and it was in competition at the Bahamas Film Festival.

The same year Tunyogi appeared in 'Fiery Marble', a dance theatre piece about Camille Claudel lover of Rodin filmed by Katapult Film. She choreographed it and danced solo as the french sculptress.

In 2008, she created a dance documentary, 'Ballet ABC' with Henriett for the Hungarian National Television. The successful series was also distributed in Japan.

Between 2004-2007, she gave various dance lectures for children for Duna Television, a Hungarian channel specialising in culture and arts. Also during this time a portrait film "Choose the knowledge - Movements" about Tunyogi was filmed by MTV2.

In 2004 Tunyogi danced in the short film entitled 'Spell' directed by Sándor Hartung a well known Hungarian painter. 



Tunyogi studied at the Hungarian Dance Academy and gained a Fülöp Viktor scholarship in 1996. She also won the Maria Keresztes award as the most talented dancer at the age of 18, and immediately after that she joined the Hungarian National Ballet and the Leipzig Ballet, under the direction of Uwe Scholz.

Tunyogi has performed internationally at prestigious venues in London, Rome, Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama, Bejing, Qingdao, New Delhi, Miskolc International Bartok Festival, Budapest Spring Festival, Edinburgh Festival, Festival of Majorca and Gala Performances like Stars of the Hungarian Ballet. Among her Ballet roles were the Sugar Plum Fairy, Odette, Odilia, Aurora, Lilac Fairy, Five Tangos, Adagio Hammerklavier, Rahmanyinov PDD, Mozart - Jeunhomme by Uwe Scholtz, Chopin, Debussy pieces by Paul Chalmer, Schostakovitch PDD - Renato Paroni, La Mamma Morta -Antonia Franceschi, Viviana Durante - Adagio Lamentoso.

Between 2003-2013 Henriett Tunyogi and Tamás Vásáry pianist have combined the most refined forms of music to create a very special performance based on the mutual inspirational of the various genres. She choreographed performances to the music of Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Scriabin, Debussy, Bartok and Kodály. Henriett is a guest teacher at the Hungarian Dance Academy. Sharing her knowledge of dance techniques learnt from abroad.



In 2016, Tunyogi was invited as the Hungarian representative at the Woman Economic Forum in New Delhi where participants from more than 90 countries were selected. She was also awarded the 'Iconic Woman in Connection with People and Culture' prize, which was given to her by Dr Harbeen Arora, the founder of WEF. Tunyogi was finally bestowed with an honorary lifetime membership of the All Ladies League (ALL).

Henriett recognises the importance of education and supports many academic organisations around the world. These include the Kalyanika Veda Vedanga Sanskrit Vidyapeetham in Uttarkhand in the Himalayas. The school supports underprivelleged boys where they learn Sanskrit and English. Tunyogi believes boys should be educated to learn how to respect themselves and women. 

The God's Given Gift foundation in Hungary, founded by the First Lady Dalma Madl (this is for underprivileged boys and girls). 

The Weekend Arts College in London (which supports young Londoner’s in the full range across the Arts). 

At the Women's Economic Forum 2016 in New Delhi she delivered two speeches at the conference: 'What makes people want to give back to society' and '3 ways to navigate uncertainty successfully'. Furthermore, she presented a lecture on Rationality, Faith and Emotion for the TEDx conference in 2011.

She is a "Miss Herbal Princess UK London 2006" winner, which involved creating an art piece expressing her ideas about health, beauty and harmony.

Her essays were published in Premier Magazine, La femme Magazine and in Dance Art Magazine.



Renato Paroni made the most of Tunyogi's contradictory qualities of coolness and warmth, serenity and volatility. Slender and strong, she has a purity of line that can make her seem otherworldly - angelic or demonic.

By Jann Parry, London.

 In Debussy's Claire de Lune, ballerina Tunyogi with her refined dance movements, displayed not only a great classical beauty, but reinforced the poetic quality of the French composer.

China Times 

“Tall and pretty Henriett charmed the audience with her technical skill and the mastery of the ballet idiom. She demonstrated how solo numbers even without the trappings of the corps de ballet could be equally attractive.” 

-G. Georges, The Statesman, New Delhi