TEDx 2011

Where did we come from? Where are we going? What is the purpose of life? How can one live in order best to realize this purpose? Life is the greatest mystery of all. To me, the most exciting task is to discover the person who is breathing inside this body of mine; the person people call Henriett Tunyogi. Life must be experienced in all its beauty, all its pain, so that we can learn who we really are. I seek happiness not depending on other people, other things. We should live our lives lightly, but take our responsibilities seriously. We should always remain open to the world, like a child. I love the fact that people are all different, and yet in this difference there is something that binds us all together.  That means for me love. TEDx is brilliant, because it brings up genuine and unique values in this increasingly worthless “reality show” of our time. It inspires us to step out of the confines of our small worlds and pluck up the courage to accept the ideas and emotions of others without bias, without prejudice.

Budapest. 2011-09-16