Personal Revelation

True beauty comes from within. Our thoughts and actions make us beautiful. The biggest inspiration I get in life is from seeing that people are capable of conquering their own limits; going beyond themselves, and by doing this holding a mirror up to their peers which gives strength and belief that are more exalted things than the trivialities of everyday life. I believe in art, I believe in the power of love. The two are closely related.

My life is dance, and when I create or perform I reach a mystical dimension that has a magical force, and whose affect is capable of preserving the beauty of people’s spirits. In this worldly life I have chosen the performing arts as my way of communicating with people. Fate closed doors before me and opened another I did not even know existed. Because it is pointless hammering on closed doors, I summoned the courage and went through the open door. The road that awaited me there showed me the most important thing: every moment gives us the chance to change ourselves by our thoughts and actions. If we are brave and believe in love, then we will see that from the tiniest blade of grass to the entire universe there is a force that is in everything and everyone.  If we calm down and listen to our hearts, then there comes an inner voice, and we can step in the right direction.

As a ballerina my life demands that I am careful and strict about giving my body the right energy sources. Healthy eating is unavoidable, but besides that, an appropriate combination of yoga, spending time outside in nature, and adequate sleep is very important. Amongst the many performances and rehearsals a stress relieving acupuncture session, massage, and Chinese herbal remedies can be life saving. Dr Susanna Jiang’s careful attention brought a great turning point in my life.

And what is also very important in life beyond all that: a nice, big laughter.