Dancing under the "Moonlight"

Hungarian pianist Vasary's performance with ballerina wife

On one side there is the piano, on another the elegant ballet. Last night the Hungarian pianist Tamas Vasary and his ballerina wife Henriett Tunyogi gave a marvelous performance combining visual and aural aesthetics.

Pianist Tamas Vasary and Henriett Tunyogi make a perfect match not only in real life but also on stage. Together they use musical notes and body languages to interpret Debussy, Chopin, Beethoven and etc. The combination of watery piano sounds and the flowing ballet movements recreated a unique and nouveau experience for the audience. What is especially note-worthy is the Beethoven Moonlight sonata, in which Henriett Tunyogi came out dressing in red velvet skirt and started dancing in regular steps. As the music goes on and melody develops, her steps became more frequent and dramatic, The performance peaked when Henriett Tunyogi pulled out a red veil from the piano and danced with it to the end.

Translated by Sherry Shieh, Sept 24, 2007.